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Monday, February 3, 2014

February - More Light, Beauty and Song

The quiet of a winter snow storm in the  Northeast Coast
Weight on the limbs of the pines
Beauty in the forms and movement of water as snow

Words are far removed from the direct experience- it's very quiet

 Silence provides a container

We are thrilled to add another  Sound Healing /Whole Toning class with Maryse Lapierre this month.

Fridays and Saturdays 10am-11:30

And blessed to host the Annual Sufi Silent Retreat    
with Wendy Jehanara Tremayne    Feb 21, 22 ,& 23                                                   

 We hope to see you and share creative healing space & time & please join us
TUESDAYS 10-4pm  Community Hands On Wellness Clinic continues to provide affordable bodywork  you can FEEL BETTER with massage and reflexology! 

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