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Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 2016

Inner love, inner light.
Happy Valentines Day- Namaste......... remembering and celebrating! 

Studio de La Luz wishes you light, inner warmth, comfort  a  spark to  enliven your body, mind and spirit. You are Perfect, you are LOVE. lets join in remembering- take a breath and marvel at being alive.

Saturday, January 2, 2016



Isn't it a balance, the abundance and simplicity project? 

 Blessings abound and may there be plenty of open space and time to receive and appreciate the goodness everyday. May your altar within be celebrated and respected.  

Join us this year, and continue to explore vitality, embodiment, yoga, sound healing & toning, Reiki share circle, Hands on Wellness bodywork clinic and community healing circles. Come move and come be still, play and recuperate, be inspired and  be well. PEACE

Monday, December 14, 2015


May we, through honest & courageous observation, listening, opening and connecting- realize this and passionately be active on behalf of the beautiful wholeness- which we are part of. Listen closely, it is a sublime and mighty power that holds us together. 
Like a whisper, and a tsunami.

photo taken at the dentist office. thank you Dr. Felts for posting on your wall.

Blessings Everyone
be strong and alive
tender and wild

May the Season be full of love and light

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Scroll down for more about this photo and a contemplation.  
First will share a sweet retreat coming to town, affordable and to the point of life and health.
Yoga- Healing and the Elements with Courtney Bell:

You can take the whole workshop $115 or individual sessions $30.  We can slide the fee scale somewhat. Remember, what you give returns so much greater and  the bottom line is  gratitude.
 Support the flow.
I say this only because we continue  hear laments about poverty, while we are so much richer than most- we must liberate ourselves and give, and not reflexively tighten.  Listen deeper, if this feels right- give it to yourself happily.
Contact Courtney via her website for more info, or Wendy S. Evanson locally 740-3680

How beautiful to see some kids know how to find a quiet place inside. While their grandma was having a massage at the clinic, we simply said.... why not meditate for a while so the space stays calm?
These are not "new-age", " yuppy" kids.  By the way.   Not by a long shot.

I was searching for a different photo for this month, but this one opened up. So, lets go with it. To opening up, to inside where there is peace and integrity and such power of healing and restoration.

In a moment, by choosing- here we can be. As my teacher says" transformation is only a membrane away"!
How often do we feel ourselves as alive, as membranes, fluid exchanging, information and communication moving and forming and re-forming moment to moment- whole, resilient and unfolding?  And do we relate to others from this awareness? And what supports us feeling comfortable in our own skin, to be awake and honest and strong?  The  kids make it seem simple. ues
This could be a clue.


Please come by for the Hands On Wellness Clinic Tues 11am-4pm, enjoy our special guest teacher Barbara Humble who is sharing Shen Zheng Gong on Tues eve @ 5:30 and Free Dance/ Trance Dance on Monday nights at 7 with George or Wendy.
Restorative Yoga & Body-Mind Centering continues Wed. @ 4pm.
and...new class TEEN YOGA  Mondays @ 4pm

SPECIAL WORKSHOP- Yoga and the Elements with Courtney Bell -
Nov. 13, 14 & 15.

MOVEMENT IS LIFE, allow it and love it
Stillness is key

Sunday, July 19, 2015



  Sheltering clouds this season. 


Fire and water elements making Light


Studio activities pulse on, with a few weeks break for vacation travel. See side bar where there are a few cancellations.   

Tuesday Wellness Clinic, Wednesday Restorative Yoga and Meditative Movement, Mon, Fri Whole Toning,  Wed. Sufi Zikr, and Fri. Drumming Circle.

Please see the progression of Whole Toning on Fridays 10am!

Come & be well folks, you have more power than you may know in regards to your wellness! 


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JUNE..... JUNE...JUNE how sweet it is


Well, when I came upon this picture in a box at my Mom's- it was affirming - I love meditation, always have, and mudras ayre real! AND would you believe it- the wallpaper design is just like the  tin ceiling of the studio!   very sweet, and mysterious too.

Not sure what this has to do with the month of June, other than for many of us, summer triggers a feeling of " feeling good"- more good - grown food, play, beach, pool and park, outdoors, and express the warmth we feel. Maybe easier to be ourselves, vital and happy.y

We are holding steady- lightly- at Studio de La Luz
Blessed with air conditioning when needed. Wellness Clinic continues on Tuesdays, Maryse leads Whole Toning Fridays and every other Monday eve. Drummers are in the park now.
and Meditative Movement class continues on Wed. afternoons. Watch schedules for special drummings and ceremonies. 

As far as keeping moving, shedding winter excess and staying cool, I highly recommend the City Pool - for aerobics, lap swim, and arthritis aquatherapy. We are working on a few Aqua Yoga classes. In the water you can recall the true dimensionality of movement, and make changes great and small with the feedback the water provides.

and on Saturdays 8;30-11  Farmers" Market
locally and probably wherever you live.........large or small
eat well, and contemplate the connectedness that makes this world BE  - dance your part WELL!

and................no.....if your  mascara is running..........you are not exercising!          hahaha

Happy June and Summer   season of the HEART in Traditional Chinese Medicine
open and delight

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 2015

Small fruit appearing on the apricot and plum trees! It is truly profound to contemplate and observe flowers moving into formation of fruit. ...and a new apricot tree sprouting from a seed last year.  And, some branches are dead, as the deer were hungry this winter and spring.

All signs seem to point to deep resonance with the cycles of life, and attuning.  Each day drawing breath is a gift, an experience.  The more we slow it down and savor the prana in each breath, the more we open and belong to the Wholeness and somehow it is digestible.

Blessings everyone. 
Find Beauty, Cultivate Beauty
 We hope that Studio de La Luz is a supportive space  for your  unfolding through all aspects of the cycle of life.