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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ZIKR on Thursday nights starting 1/19

From Jehanara Wendy Tremayne

For the coming weeks I will be leading Sufi Zikr and would be delighted if you joined me.

Zikr is a traditional practice of the Sufis that involves the chanting and singing of divine names. You could say that Zikr is the kirtan of the Sufi tradition. The wazifa are intoned in Arabic and often body movements are added to deepen the meaning. Some call Zikr a broom as it's effect is space and a profound sense of inner calm.

It is customary that poetry is read at the end of Zikr when the circle is ensouled and the heart most reachable. Please feel free to bring along something to share.

Thursdays 7-8pm no charge- contributions to the space are welcomed

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