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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Healing Arts Open Clinic- for the month of February

Starting Thursday February 2nd
The Healing Arts Open Clinic at Studio de La Luz

will offer low cost,hands on care and guidance in learning self health care skills for daily life. The body-mind is
perfectly designed for re-balancing itself and healing when at ease and feeling cared for. Support enhances this natural gift inherent in all living beings.

30 minute sessions will be offered by local therapists. Sessions are intended for relaxation, and
to support the natural vitality available within each person. Sessions will take place according to the schedule on the half-hour. People are invited to remain for a short while in the supportive environment- quietly and meditatively. No oils or lotions will be used, please refrain from using fragrances, and all sessions will be fully clothed, so wear loose clothing to be comfortable.
We will offer table massage, chair massage, massage for hands and feet, Reiki and Polarity, and private instruction in simple yoga, tai chi/qigong and stress reduction breathing and simple meditation. Limit-one treatment/day per person- but several sessions/week would be optimal for building wellness and supporting life style changes.

The clinic is intended as a support to individual and community health and wellness- it is not a substitute for "medical care" or treatment of specific ailments and conditions beyond offering relaxation, caring touch and supporting enhanced body-mind awareness. Individuals under age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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