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Friday, April 11, 2014

APRIL 2014 Blossoms into Leaves

All the same tree!     First "nothing" - bare branches, then a small speck of green emerges and it is full
tilt life force made visible from now till the leaves just coming on fall away and become earth and it is the quiet cycle above ground. Hope you have had time to smell a few beautiful blossoms- apple, apricot and plum and peach- YOU ARE THE SAME! May your garden grow well, your nurturing be received and your harvest plentiful.

As it warms up, there is so much movement- in the body the liver wakes up- interesting that the Healing Tao sound for waking up is Shhhhhh.   Move muscles and sinews and your blood, eat more greens and stretch!
And behold the wonders of life so evident, and so changing before our eyes. Know you are important in the whole and connected.

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