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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Scroll down for more about this photo and a contemplation.  
First will share a sweet retreat coming to town, affordable and to the point of life and health.
Yoga- Healing and the Elements with Courtney Bell:

You can take the whole workshop $115 or individual sessions $30.  We can slide the fee scale somewhat. Remember, what you give returns so much greater and  the bottom line is  gratitude.
 Support the flow.
I say this only because we continue  hear laments about poverty, while we are so much richer than most- we must liberate ourselves and give, and not reflexively tighten.  Listen deeper, if this feels right- give it to yourself happily.
Contact Courtney via her website for more info, or Wendy S. Evanson locally 740-3680

How beautiful to see some kids know how to find a quiet place inside. While their grandma was having a massage at the clinic, we simply said.... why not meditate for a while so the space stays calm?
These are not "new-age", " yuppy" kids.  By the way.   Not by a long shot.

I was searching for a different photo for this month, but this one opened up. So, lets go with it. To opening up, to inside where there is peace and integrity and such power of healing and restoration.

In a moment, by choosing- here we can be. As my teacher says" transformation is only a membrane away"!
How often do we feel ourselves as alive, as membranes, fluid exchanging, information and communication moving and forming and re-forming moment to moment- whole, resilient and unfolding?  And do we relate to others from this awareness? And what supports us feeling comfortable in our own skin, to be awake and honest and strong?  The  kids make it seem simple. ues
This could be a clue.


Please come by for the Hands On Wellness Clinic Tues 11am-4pm, enjoy our special guest teacher Barbara Humble who is sharing Shen Zheng Gong on Tues eve @ 5:30 and Free Dance/ Trance Dance on Monday nights at 7 with George or Wendy.
Restorative Yoga & Body-Mind Centering continues Wed. @ 4pm.
and...new class TEEN YOGA  Mondays @ 4pm

SPECIAL WORKSHOP- Yoga and the Elements with Courtney Bell -
Nov. 13, 14 & 15.

MOVEMENT IS LIFE, allow it and love it
Stillness is key

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