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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JUNE..... JUNE...JUNE how sweet it is


Well, when I came upon this picture in a box at my Mom's- it was affirming - I love meditation, always have, and mudras ayre real! AND would you believe it- the wallpaper design is just like the  tin ceiling of the studio!   very sweet, and mysterious too.

Not sure what this has to do with the month of June, other than for many of us, summer triggers a feeling of " feeling good"- more good - grown food, play, beach, pool and park, outdoors, and express the warmth we feel. Maybe easier to be ourselves, vital and happy.y

We are holding steady- lightly- at Studio de La Luz
Blessed with air conditioning when needed. Wellness Clinic continues on Tuesdays, Maryse leads Whole Toning Fridays and every other Monday eve. Drummers are in the park now.
and Meditative Movement class continues on Wed. afternoons. Watch schedules for special drummings and ceremonies. 

As far as keeping moving, shedding winter excess and staying cool, I highly recommend the City Pool - for aerobics, lap swim, and arthritis aquatherapy. We are working on a few Aqua Yoga classes. In the water you can recall the true dimensionality of movement, and make changes great and small with the feedback the water provides.

and on Saturdays 8;30-11  Farmers" Market
locally and probably wherever you live.........large or small
eat well, and contemplate the connectedness that makes this world BE  - dance your part WELL!

and................no.....if your  mascara is running..........you are not exercising!          hahaha

Happy June and Summer   season of the HEART in Traditional Chinese Medicine
open and delight

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