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Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Welcome everyone, to the Studio de La Luz blog site. 
Wherever you are, we wish you good health!

The studio is a place of exploration of inner capacity for healing and feeling well and a place to share discoveries. In our 11th year, it has evolved into a place of community gathering to share in this journey of wellness.  Currently classes and workshops focus on; yoga, ecstatic dance, whole toning, traditional belly dance, bodywork, massage and vitality practices such as Body-Mind Centering (R), qigong and chi nei tsang,  Sufi Zikr and drumming. 
We are interfaith and multi-cultural recognizing and celebrating the heart in many paths.

This radiant Buddha image was chosen for its light and balance, and the beauty of heart which is the foundation. Our community recently said goodbye to a dear soul Dr. Eve Elting, a wonderful physician, a dancer, a yogini, and true humanitarian - well loved around the world. May we strive to be like her in generosity, good cheer, intelligence and fun-loving spirit! You will be missed so very much. You will  always be in our hearts.                                       Blessed Be dear friend, fly free.
 Om Ami Dewa Hri 
a prayer to Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Light

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