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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Sprouting new life & letting go of non-sense

Welcome Adi Love!  Inspiring, high vitality, generous of heart and spirit!
Adi offers empowering KUNDALINI YOGA , and as well is an accomplished singer, song writer and
artist. in her words "this Kundalini class will focus on basic practice harnessing mental, physical and nervous energies of the body. This technology combines breath, mantra and mudra to balance your systems and experience yourself. "   Adi will teach Saturdays at11am and every other Monday evening at 7. ( see the schedule to the right.)

and- WOW, we are so very thrilled to open our doors  and  widen our role in the community as a place for the young ones to be nurtured and their natural vitality, open-ness and beauty protected.

KIDS  Sing & Rhythm for children 0-5yrs
 and their parents & caregivers!
with Maryse 

Thursdays 10:30 -11:30 and Fridays 1:30-2:30
and classes are FREE
(many thanks to the Brindle Foundation for making this possible) 

Maryse Lapierre continues to open our true selves with Whole Toning - perhaps the deepest and oldest form of healing- our own voice and vibration, how is this such a well kept secret? Come explore and enjoy.

Energizing Kripalu yoga with Tucky Begely continues- word around town is "it's HOT" ! Body-Mind Centering(R) and Meditation in motion with Wendy Sager Evanson give a place for everyone to get to know a sense of who we are, our brilliant physiology and liberate vitality.

Celebration and cultivation of PRANA is the essence of yoga, of health, and wellness.  Come and Play, and be delightfully surprised perhaps, that there is such a wealth of healing power within for body and mind and spirit.
There are many "yoga's" . It is path towards alignment of self, body and the divine. It is not a religion, and is very personal. It is breath and being present, kind and open and yields strength, balance, flexibility and inner calm and peace.  It cultivates non-violence and harmony and brings joy and honesty.  
It is available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or experience.  We start where we are, and breathe, slowly and deeply. and then, a dance begins. You- Alive, a mystery and miracle.


and lastly: thank you Azaima Anderson for Heart Lightning. We await your return in November.
Azaima offers voice, and awareness and a rich synthesis of embodied practice that brings a person back to clarity of mind and heart. Utilizing eye movement, breath, imagery, and cognitive skills- we can recalibrate our brains, nervous system and glandular systems. So effective, creative and individualized a process!   I am grateful to her generosity of spirit, and ability to guide with expertise and grounded presence. This work is needed and beautifully accessible. 

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