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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attuning! November 2013

Studio de La Luz aims to support your health
 in practical and affordable ways

It is Affordable Care... in Action.   What you learn, is YOURS. When you learn skills
for balancing and supporting your amazing  physiology- the orchestra of systems and tissues, chemistry and mind -you are richer and empowered in your Health- and more skilled in healing when something goes off kilter in  your self and others and world.  You know how to rest, how to respond, and in fact- are less likely to "get sick" as your immune system and neurological communication system will be stronger. You will heal faster, and be more inclined to make choices about where you put your energy that are "in your health favor".

Come by, have an affordable bodywork session, and learn skills of movement, sound, and body-mind balancing that make life better. Strengthen your inherent skills of self healing and increase enjoyment of this precious life! 


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