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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MARCH focus on fluidity

Today a client at the Walk in Hands On Wellness Clinic commented that
"indeed it is strenuous times".   How well said.  

Seems there is a consensus on needing to be flexible, go with change, question our habitual limits- 
(which can translate to "self image") and identity.
 while simultaneously finding center, staying steady and committed to honesty. 

Have a Beautiful March, day by day.
Strong and Gentle.........(lion and lamb)

Opportunities to learn & practice  skills of moving with grace, strength  and connection to the natural power inherent in our intelligent bodies.
Assistance in true health care -  support to natural healing through affordable, high quality hands on therapies.  Facilitating release of chronic pain and  tensions- and celebrating renewal and refreshment in a friendly shared space.  

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