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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Journey inward and restore your light

In our Restorative Yoga class- we build skills that are exquisite and sublime. Exploring the fine details of breath- the feel, taste, sound and sensations is remarkably refreshing- and leads to and through a portal- a doorway, a passage way- into personal healing and integrity.   We rest, and get stronger, and support the ongoing changes that define life.   And we do this in a shared space that
affirms our common ground- vulnerability, courage, mystery, magic, strength, physicality, impermanence and spaciousness..............to name a few attributes of being alive in body and community!   YOU CAN DO YOGA

if you can breathe and have a body

join us...............Wednesdays at 4pm.  Continue into asana practice on Saturdays at 12:30 and help yourself heal and restore with affordable bodywork and traditional hands on - health care Tues 11am-3pm,  and Fri 10am-3pm at the Hands On Wellness Clinic  ......
Offering  30 minute bodywork sessions- fully clothed: Massage, chair massage, reiki, foot reflexology and self care practice instruction: yoga, qigong/tai chi and stress reduction breathing and meditation skills. Walk in basis. suggested donation $12-$24


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