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Thursday, May 31, 2012

June... warming up

                            Summer in Southern New Mexico
                                          HOT& VIBRANT

Special Event

Welcome  guest teacher of Kundalini Yoga  - Nancy Trafoya
" The Beauty of Being a Woman" 

*scroll down for complete description *
Sunday June 10   11-3pm
suggested donation $20-$25
bring a snack and lunch

Workshop will take place at the Vera building, pink building up on the hill on the south side of Main St. just past the intersection of Foch. Next to Truth Physical Therapy.
park on Main St. - the few spaces available at the Vera are reserved for those with mobility challenges.

To register and for more info call  Carrie Bradley 1-(716)-982-3781

      Hands On Wellness Clinic is thriving.......
              Mondays 10-3pm and 5:30-7:30 pm,    Thursdays 10-3pm
We began an experiment in February- low cost hands on wellness treatments......massage, acupressure, energy work in a community context-WOW   seems to be working for everyone!

To date we have provided hundreds of effective treatments- while having  fun. It is profound, surprisingly easy and an honor to support the life force within each individual. Thanks..........!!!!!

                                                BLESSINGS !

The Beauty of Being a Woman:
Internal Power, Creative Energy, and the Light of Grace

Projecting the beauty of being a woman comes from internal confidence, the ability to encounter challenges with discipline, and the radiance of the soul. Daily life allows little opportunity to reflect on these characteristics unless a disciplined practice is applied.  The practice must include a physical exertion to generate a flow of life energy within the body.  It must also include an awareness of an inherent connection with all of life and a higher consciousness which creates a rhythm that resonates between body, mind and soul. 

The most effective pathways to awareness integrate physical movement, the regulation of the breath, and a state of relaxation. Few forms of exercise help achieve this integration and foster the connection between the physical body, the conscious mind, and the spirit, as directly as Kundalini yoga.  Kundalini yoga is the “technology” to awaken awareness and help in the unfolding of one’s own nature. It is often considered the yoga of fulfillment, awareness, and the yoga of the “householder”, or the yoga that anyone can practice.

 This 3 hour workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to practice yoga sets and meditations that focus on developing power as women, to build strength, generate energy, and appreciate their own beauty. A brief explanation of concepts and principals of kundalini yoga is presented.  There are 4 yoga sets that address physical stamina and focus on internal empowerment, along with 3 meditations that support positive affirmation and evoke inner grace and radiance. Questions and discussion are welcome.

Instructor  -  Nancy Garcia Tafoya (Param Seyvak Kaur)
 Kundalini Yoga Certified Level One Instructor, with 180 class hours of training at the Kundalini Research Institute in Espanola, NM in 2010, and an additional 20 hours of course requirements.  A member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association (IKYTA).         


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