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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's getting pretty juicy around here...... Ayurvedic self care,Exploring the Ribs with the Life Impressions Institute, and Perinatal intelligence

So many events starting to spring forward in the new year!

Studio de La Luz is planning a New Years Day 3 hour retreat with Nancy David- in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we are organizing more Sacred Inner Rhythms gatherings , & time is being determined for a weekly community interfaith healing meditation circle-

Yoganand will be at Yoga del Sol in Lemitar for "Understanding the Bhagavad Gita for a Deeper Yoga Practice Retreat/workshop in February, & there will be several January Retreats here in T or C in January.......... silent Sufi retreat and two yoga focused retreats, Yoga del Sol in Lemitar and Bhava Yoga in Albuquerque will be blending yoga with the hot springs.
Studio de La Luz is planning an Ayurvedic Self Healing workshop in February, and a Life Impressions Workshop will be here in April- synthesizing Feldenkrais awareness and movement, manual therapy and Ayurvedic principles in an exploration of the ribs-

We also hope to materialize a Body-Mind Centering Seminar, focusing on perinatal work and aquatics- and how this can be useful in parenting and familial communication- in everyday life

New Years here will include Kirtan at Mothership Yoga Lounge

just a heads up if you are looking for nourishment and kindred - its happening locally

and perhaps you have something you wish to share?

listen.......and let us know

many blessings!

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