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Sunday, November 13, 2011

womens shamanic drumming circle

Hi everyone,
the 1st and 3rd Friday drumming. journey circles are taking a pause.
We have done so many journeys, dedicated and long processes, for so many years!
love and gratitude to our dear sister Sharon Griffith, who watches over from the other side now- who
birthed this circle many years ago. and appreciation to Haru Spruce, Teina Wells and Joy Arnold who have
sustained this practice.

It seems to be time for taking space for following guidance and being quiet. Personal listening, and giving a formal circle some rest and renewal.

the studio welcomes circles for drumming and meditation as people request, for
healing and guidance. and a New Moon circle is forming. If you wish to be
on the mailing list for this please contact me

in affirmation of our inner wisdom,
many blessings

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