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Monday, December 6, 2010

Medicinal Arts

medicinal arts

Taking charge, reclaiming connection to our body-mind, and the ability to “self-heal”, through experiencing the fundamental wellness of systems, structure and physiology.

Materializing the dimension of imagination and mind, intention and grace.

The process has you in the center.

Employs movement, focused breathing, meditative mind, touch, vibration, exploration and experiential anatomy.

fluid,creative, intelligent, non-prescriptive,vital, and safe.

You are coached to listen more closely to what you feel and experience, and to find better health through that knowing- because it improves and strengthens your relationship to your innate “wiring” to be well and functioning

This bodywork is not done to you but with you, in the context of ground, space, weight, rhythm, silence, activity and the variety of movement possibilities within, from microscopic to very large. Sessions can be done fully clothed, in a chair, on a massage table or on a mat on the floor.

Our body-mind expresses what we have been, thought, inherited, feared, desired and have accumulated. The work takes place NOW.

And the touch NOW can transform.

Initial session runs 1-2 hours, including intake/assessment and meditation. Cost $70

Ongoing sessions are pro-rated according to frequency and length of sessions, with a sliding scale starting at $40.

Three session package including intake available $150

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